Bitfight Game Rules

These rules form part of Bitfight’s Terms & Conditions and all definitions used are as set out in that document. 


We operate a Parimutuel (or pools) betting system. This means that users are playing against each other, not against Bitfight. The markets are questions created by our team, posed by our by our automation software, that allow you to bet against other users.


Bitfight offers live betting on streaming video game events. Each question that is proposed to Bitfight players, by our system, is referred to as a “market”.  These markets are created by Bitfight either before a game starts, or while a game is going on. The market can be closed at any time by Bitfight and markets are usually open to bet on for anywhere between 10 seconds and 120 seconds. 


These markets include questions like: “Will the next kill be with a shotgun or a sniper rifle?”, or “Who gets the next kill?”, or “Does the streamer win the match?”.


Once the event occurs, Bitfight’s system identifies the answer and the outcome will be verified by Bitfight’s automated processes of by a Bitfight Admin, before the market is settled. Once a market is settled, the winning players will be paid out.

Market Stages

All markets go through 3 stages:

  • Open: the market is currently live and users can submit their wagers
  • Pending: users can no longer place bets on the market. During this time, we are waiting for an event to occur that will give us the answer
  • Settled: the answer has been provided and winnings have been paid out

Voided Markets

Markets will be settled as soon as possible after the event has occurred, while considering delays between the stream and our data feeds. Errors may occur during each stage of the market which may lead to the market becoming void. If a market is void all wagers will be refunded in full, no commission will be charged.


A market can be voided at any time by a Bitfight Admin for reasons including, but not limited to:


  • Withdrawal: where markets have been opened and the streamer decides to change the game that he/she is playing or decides to go offline, the market will be void.


  • Early Termination: Something occurring that prevents the answer from being identified with absolute certainty. For example:
    • "Who will have more kills after the first 5 minutes?" was asked, however, the game ends after 4 minutes.
    • Even if one team clearly seemed to be the favorite, it can not be known with 100% certainty what the answer would have been. Thus, the market will be void.


  • Market Error: error with the phrasing or timings of the market. For example:
    • Streamer X already has 7 kills and the market is opened: “Will Streamer X finish with more than 6 kills”?
    • This is erroneous as the answer to the question is already known before the market was opened


  • Data Error: where we are unable to settle a market due to an error with data feeds or reasons outside of our control we will use publicly available information, such as replays, to help settle the market. This will take substantially more time than normal and if the answer cannot be identified within 48 hours the market will be void.



If it is possible to settle a market with 100% certainty, it will always be settled. 


For example

The following market was pending:

  • "What will the total kill count be at 20:00?" with the options: 
  • “10 or more kills” and 
  • “less than 10 kills” but 
  • the game ended prior to 20:00, 
  • and the kill count was already over 10. 


Given that the kill count can not decrease, we are able to know the answer to that market with absolute certainty. This market would be settled not voided.

Settlement Errors

Should a market be settled incorrectly we reserve the right to make an appropriate adjustment to user’s Account Balances to correct such errors. If a user has insufficient funds to make the adjustment, the user agrees to make the necessary funds available to correct the error as soon as practically possible.

Should a market be settled early (in error), the entire market may later be correct, whereby paid out winnings will be returned to the pot to later be settled correctly.

Entering a Bet

As the markets are pool based, users are playing against each other, not against Bitfight. Our betting mechanism means the potential payoff of your wager is not fixed until the market is closed.


We provide you with the total amounts the market has wagered on either side to help you understand how the rest of the market has wagered. These numbers will change while the market is open.


Your wager will not be recorded until you choose an outcome, press the "Confirm" button to submit your wager, the order reaches our server, and we confirm you have enough funds in your account. At that point the wager will be submitted to the pool and will show up in both your History and the Pending section on the Match Page.


In some instances, particularly where a user has a slow internet connection and submits a wager close to the market closing, a wager will not be successful. If this occurs, a notification will appear in the betting area notifying you that the wager has been unsuccessful. Once a wager is submitted to the pool it cannot be withdrawn. Once the market is closed, no more wagers will be accepted.


You receive a percentage of the pool proportional to how much you contributed to the correct outcome. We charge a commission on the entire pool. We will make it clear how much commision we are charging on each pool in the betting area.


Winnings are transferred into the user’s account once the market has been settled. This usually occurs within a few minutes of the event occurring, but may take up to 24 hours. Commision amounts may vary based on the type of pool, but will be shown clearly at the top of each pool’s clarifications.


For any single option if our commision causes the amount won to become less than the amount you wagered, the amount wagered on that option will be returned. The rounding of winnings are done to the penny.

Unselected Winning Answers

If no wagers have been placed on the correct answer but wagers have been placed on other options for the market then the market will be void and all users will be refunded their wager.

Event Coverage

We will decide what streams, events, or tournaments we will create pools for on a case by case basis. This will be driven by our ability to get sufficient data on the underlying event and our assessment of the integrity of the individuals holding the event. Should the integrity of an event or tournament be called into question we will investigate these claims before making a decision whether or not to proceed with taking bets.

Streamer Coverage

When covering a streamer on Twitch or any other video streaming platform we will ask questions about the game being played on the stream. If the person playing on the channel is not the streamer or the person switches during the game, all wagers are still valid.



Below are the various types of bets that we offer on Fortnite streams.  From time to time, we may change the exact wording or formats of these bets, or use them in combination with one another.  


BitFight may add new bet types and remove certain bet types.


  • Streamer kills [number of opponents] - pays out if the Streamer kills the number of opponents, stated in the title of the market, before winning, leaving, or getting eliminated. The number of kills is determined based upon the kill counter visible on the stream. If the Streamer somehow gets a kill but it is not registered in the kill counter, it will not count for purposes of determining the outcome of this market.
    • Kills that the streamer gets after they are eliminated, or leave the match, do not count (e.g., trap kill after dying)
  • Streamer’s squad gets a Victory Royale - pays out if the squad gets a Victory Royale, regardless of whether or not the Streamer is still alive. If the streamer backs out of the match or changes their screen to some other content while their squad is still playing, this will be counted as a draw.
  • Streamer’s squad survives with [number of players] left - pays out if anyone on the squad is alive when the Player Counter hits the number in question
  • Streamer is downed [number of times] from now - pays out if the Streamer is downed the number of times in question or more. If the Streamer is already down when the bet is being asked this does not count towards the number in question.
  • Streamer’s next down / kill is with [type(s) of weapon] - pays out if the weapon that the Streamer uses to get his next down or kill is among the weapons associated with the answer that you chose. If the Streamer does not get a kill for the rest of the match, this market will be ruled as a draw.
  • Streamer gets the next down / kill before their teammate - pays out if the Streamer gets a down or a kill before anyone else on their team, from when the market is closed. It does not matter how many teammates are currently alive or playing.
  • Streamer is downed before their teammate - pays out if the Streamer gets downed before anyone else on their team, regardless of how many teammates are playing or alive. If this market is mistakenly asked during a solo stream, it will be marked as void.
  • Streamer gets [number of kills] within [number of minutes] of each other - pays out if the streamer gets the number of kills in question or more within the specified time of each other.  This can happen at any time during the match, it does not have to happen from the first kill after the market closes.
    • Each time the Streamer gets a kill, a clock will start, with a timer for the [number of minutes]. If the specified [number of kills] happens during this time period, this bet pays out. If it does not, we will wait to see if it happens during any other kill streak, for the remainder of the game. To be clear, the timer starts each time the Streamer gets a kill, and measures the number of additional kills from this point in time, during the time period outlined in the market title.
    • [What happens on back out?]
  • Streamer gets a kill within the next [number of minutes] - pays out if the Streamer gets a kill within the time period specified in the market title. The timer starts from when the market closes. If the Streamer dies or backs out during the time period, it will be deemed that the Streamer did not get a kill.
  • Streamer gets a kill before there are [number of players] left - pays out if the Streamer gets a kill before the counter on the screen shows the number of players that are stated in the title of the market.
  • Streamer is downed within the next [number of minutes] - pays out if the Streamer is downed within the next [number of minutes] stated in the title of the market.  The counter runs from when the market closes until and including the last second of the final minute.
  • There are [number of players] left within [number of minutes] - pays out if there are greater than or equal the number of players left that is stated in the title of the market, within the specified time.  The timer will start from when the market closes and run through the last second of the final minute of the number of minutes stated.

Apex Legends

Below are the various types of bets that we offer on Apex Legends streams.  From time to time, we may change the exact wording or formats of these bets, or use them in combination with one another.  


BitFight may add new bet types and remove certain bet types.


  • Streamer’s first down / kill is with [type(s) of gun] - pays out if the weapon that the Streamer uses to get his first down or kill is among the weapons associated with the answer that you chose. If the Streamer does not get a kill for the rest of the match, this market will be ruled as a draw.
  • Streamer’s next down / kill is with [type(s) of gun] - pays out if the weapon that the Streamer uses to get his next down or kill is among the weapons associated with the answer that you chose. If the Streamer does not get a kill for the rest of the match, this market will be ruled as a draw.
  • Streamer is downed [number of times] - pays out according to how many times the Streamer gets downed. Downs will still count if the Streamer backs out of the game while downed.
    • [do these count if they are the last one alive, & so can’t be downed?]
  • Streamer’s squad makes it to top [place] - pays out when the Streamer’s squad makes it to the place stated in the title of the market. The squad does not need to finish the game.  If the squad or the Streamer back out after they have gotten past the place in question, this bet will be marked for the positive side.
  • Streamer becomes the Kill Leader - pays out when the Streamer becomes the Kill Leader
    • [what if they are the kill leader?]
    • [what if they have been the kill leader?]
    • If the event occur
    • All the questions imply from now until the end of the game  -- regardless of the question its going to be a draw
  • Streamer kills [number of opponents]
  • Streamer downs / kills with a headshot
  • Streamer’s squad becomes the Champion
  • Streamer passes through [area(s) on map]
  • Streamer gets the next down / kill before their teammates
  • Streamer gets downed before their teammates
  • Streamer gets [number of kills] within a [number of minutes]

League of Legends


Below are the various types of bets that we offer on League of Legends streams.  From time to time, we may change the exact wording or formats of these bets, or use them in combination with one another.  


BitFight may add new bet types and remove certain bet types.


These bets may be asked in reference to the Streamer / Streamer’s team, or in reference to an Enemy / Enemy team.


  • Streamer kills [number of opponents]
  • Streamer gets [number of assists]
  • Streamer dies [number of times]
  • Streamer’s team destroys [number of turrets] from now
  • Streamer’s team kills [number of dragons] from now
  • Streamer’s team kills [number of inhibitors] from now
  • Streamer’s team kills Rift Herald at least once from now
  • Streamer’s team kills Baron Nashor at least once from now -
  • Streamer’s team kills [number of players]
  • Streamer gets [number of kills] within [number of seconds] of each other
  • Streamer gets a kill within the next [number of minutes]
  • Streamer dies within the next [number of minutes]
  • Streamer hits [CS number] within the [number of minutes]
  • Streamer’s team kills an enemy within the next [number of minutes]
  • Streamer wins the game
  • Streamer gets the next kill before their teammates
  • Streamer’s team and the enemy team have a difference of [number of kills]

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Terms and Conditions

Bitfight, Inc. (herein referred to as "Bitfight") operates the website at ("the Website").

Bitfight’s Services are the provision of pools-based betting based on real time data.

This page (together with the documents expressly referred to in it) sets out the legal Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") on which we operate the Website and provide the Services.

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The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is:

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  • to establish the parameters governing pool entries and settlement of the Pot.

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These Terms and Conditions were updated on 18-January-2019.

General Terms

In these Terms and Conditions "we", “us”, “our” and “Bitfight” refer to Bitfight, Inc.

In these Terms and Conditions "you", “your”, and “the User” refer to you, as a registered user of Bitfight.

To access the Website and Services and register a User Account, you must agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and give the User Warranties set out below. By clicking "Create Account" you confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions (including the documents expressly referred to them) and you agree to be legally bound by them in relation to your use of the Website and your receipt of the Services. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you should not use the Website.

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User Accounts


When you initially register your account with Bitfight, you are required to provide certain personal data, including your email address.

We are required by law to collect and verify this information and we do our utmost to keep all personal data secure. For further information please see our Privacy Policy.

Each User may create only one User Account which is non-transferrable and you should ensure that access to your account is protected by keeping your password secret at all times. The personal information you provide to us on registering will be verified to ensure that you do not already have an existing User Account with Us. A User Account may only be used by the individual who created it and not by anyone else. We reserve the right to close your User Account if we have reason to believe that it or your User Account details is/are being used by anyone other than you and/or you have not kept your password confidential. You will compensate us for all and any losses, damages, costs and expenses we may suffer as a result of any failure by you to keep your Username and password strictly confidential.

When you successfully register a User Account, Bitfight grants you a revocable, and non-exclusive licence to access and use the Website and the Services subject to the following conditions:

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User Warranties

When you initially register a User Account, you are required to check and confirm your personal details, to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. In return for us agreeing to accept your application to register a User Account, you represent and warrant to Bitfight as follows:

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  • that you have not been convicted of any financial crime such as Money Laundering or Fraud;
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  • that you are not in a period of self-exclusion (see our Responsible Gambling Policy) from any other gambling company.
  • that you will at all times whilst holding a User Account comply with all applicable legislation in the jurisdiction in which you are located;
  • that you will not at any time while holding a User Account seek to manipulate or in any way affect the result of any bet.

If we believe that you have breached one or more of these User Warranties, your User Account may be investigated and this may result in Winnings you have won being forfeited and/or your User Account being suspended and/or closed.

Age and identity verification

It is an offence in the UK for any person under the age of 18 to gamble. Bitfight uses a third party services provider to verify the personal data you supply when you register a User Account to ensure that you are 18 or over. This may involve supplying the details that you have provided to us to an authorised data agency. In particular, we may verify that you are 18 years old or over, that you are resident in the country in which you say you are a resident and/or that your identity matches the identity of the sources of deposits in your User Account. If this is not the case, we will require further information from you to allow you to access the Website and will ask you for this by email or directly via the website.

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you authorise us to carry out these data checks through our third party services provider(s).

You will not be able to make withdrawals from your User Account until age and identity verification has been successfully completed.

Users who provide inaccurate or false information regarding their age or their identity may forfeit any Prizes won and will have their User Account closed. We also reserve the right to notify the relevant authorities which may result in civil proceedings or criminal prosecution.

User responsibility and conduct

From the time that you register your User Account up until it is closed (for whatever reason), you agree to adhere to all the Terms and Conditions set out herein and act in good faith in all your dealings with Bitfight.

You agree that you will ensure that User Account details (including username, password and security information) are kept private and secure; you agree not to disclose them to any third party. If you suspect that someone may be misusing or attempting to misuse your User Account, you should contact us immediately:

You understand that you may lose money on bets placed on the Website and accept that you are fully responsible for any such loss. You accept that under no circumstances will any amounts lost by you as a result of any bet be recoverable by or from us and we have no liability whatsoever in connection with any such loss.

You agree that you will not use the Website and/or the Services in any way that may lead to the encouragement, procurement or carrying out of any criminal or unlawful activity, or cause distress, harm or inconvenience to any other person.

You will not select an offensive Username, make offensive comments, use offensive or pornographic material or make potentially defamatory or inflammatory remarks in connection with the chat or other social functions or any other part of the Website including within your own User Account information. We will not be liable to you for any loss that you may incur as a result of misuse of your password and we accept no liability resulting from the unauthorised use, whether fraudulent or otherwise of any User Account.

Information accessed by you on our Website, including but not being limited to results, statistics, game data and fixtures are for your personal use only and the distribution or commercial exploitation of such information is strictly prohibited.

Breach of these Terms and Conditions

You agree to indemnify and hold us and our associated companies, affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees harmless from any liabilities, claims, losses or demands made by any third party arising out of your breach of these terms and conditions or a breach by you of any law or the rights of any third party.

In the event of such breach, your User Account may be suspended, investigated and Prizes you have won may be withheld and Bitfight may retain any positive balance then in your User Account pending the conclusions of such investigation and/or related legal proceedings.


If We suspend your User Account and/or voids any of your bets, we will investigate the circumstances leading to this action as quickly as we can and will inform you promptly of the conclusion and the proposed remedy or action to be taken by Bitfight. In any such investigation, We will rely on the Rules, data provided to us by our data collection algorithms, data from game replays where available, and our transaction log database (and any other relevant information) as evidence to support our conclusions and actions.

If you are unhappy about the conclusions of any such investigations or any actions we take as a result, please use our Complaints and Disputes procedures set out in this document.

If you have funds deposited in a suspended or closed account, please contact us at However, we reserve the right to withhold the funds in your User Account pending the conclusion of any relevant investigation (including any relevant external investigation).

We also reserve the right to supply Users’ details and the outcome of such investigations to any relevant authority to assist with an investigation by other parties as required by the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 and its predecessors.

Suspending or Closing accounts

We may restrict your access to Bitfight, suspend or close your User Account and/or void any bets/entries you may have outstanding, at our absolute discretion if:

  • we suspect that you are under 18 (or have been under 18 whilst having an active User Account with Us);
  • we suspect that any of your Personal Data is inaccurate;
  • we are unable to verify your Personal Data;
  • we have a reason to believe you have registered and/or are using more than one account or are colluding with other(s);
  • we suspect you of cheating;
  • we suspect that you are engaging in any illegal and/or fraudulent activity;
  • we suspect that you have (or may have) breached any provision of these Terms and Conditions;
  • we suspect that you may be having difficulties obtaining credit or you are a problem gambler.
  • otherwise acted in breach of any law, statute, regulation or code of conduct or done anything which may put our licence granted by the Gambling Commission at risk;
  • we suspect you are acting in a manner that is detrimental to the conduct of our business or which may result in legal liability for you, us or a third party.

Subject to Investigations, we are entitled to close your User Account and terminate these Terms and Conditions by giving you notice to your registered email address and, following such notice, you will no longer be able to access the Website or the Services other than to withdraw any outstanding balance in your User Account.

Such termination shall be effective from the date on which notice to close your User Account is sent by us but will not affect any outstanding bets provided they are valid and not in breach of these Terms and Conditions. Bets made in breach of these Terms and Conditions will be void. In cases of suspected fraud or money laundering, a User may not be entitled to withdraw funds from a User Account.

The decision to close accounts will be at the discretion of Bitfight after the relevant investigations have taken place. During this investigation period all funds belonging to the user will be frozen.

If you are aware of any player cheating, or of any collusion taking place between players on Bitfight please contact

Matters beyond our control

Without prejudice to our obligations under the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where we are licensed, we will not accept liability for loss or damage that a User may suffer as a result of a matter beyond our control including (but not limited to):

  • act of God;
  • power cut;
  • war or terrorist activity,
  • riot and/or civil commotion,
  • invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack,
  • war (whether declared or not) or threat of or preparation for war,
  • malicious damage,
  • fire and/or explosion,
  • flood or storm,
  • earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster,
  • nuclear accident,
  • act, failure or omission of any government or authority;
  • obstruction or failure of public or private telecommunication services and/or the internet;
  • any other delay or failure caused by a third party or otherwise outside of our control.

If an event beyond our control occurs, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel the Services without incurring any liability. In the event of cancellation or suspension of the Services we will make every effort to inform you as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Bitfight will not accept liability for the failure of equipment or software howsoever caused, wherever located or administered, whether under our direct control or not, that may prevent the provision of the Services or prevent Users from being able to contact us remotely.

Lost or Forgotten Username/Password

If you lose or forget your username or password please follow the password recovery instructions on the Website.

If at any time you are unable to log into your account, please contact us to request assistance:

Operation of the Website and the Services

The Website and the Services

Users will be eligible to win free play mode a maximum of 1 time.

Bitfight allows Users to access the pools as provided and managed by Us. Access to the Website is subject to these Terms & Conditions and the pools are governed by the Rules. Please read both carefully before entering any pools and contact Us if you have any questions:

Bitfight does not endorse any third party interfaces that provide access to Bitfight’s services. Any user using third party software which accesses our facilities should know that this may not display the full information about your gambles.

We provide our Services exclusively through the Website.

The Pools / Markets

An individual betting market is referred to interchangeably as a "Pool" or “Market”. 

Users can place a wager on video game streaming events, shortly before an event begins, or live, while the match is being played.

More details about how Markets are governed are set out in Bitfight’s Rules document.

Wagers can be made on a Market while the Market is open. We reserve the right to void a Market should we suspect any User has been given an unfair advantage or if the Market was created erroneously.

When the Market can be settled, the Net Pot (the Pot after the deduction of Our Commission) will be distributed to the winning entries. The process for settling the Markets and distributing the Pot is described in Settlement and Payout Structure. We will determine which Markets are published on the Website, when the Markets are open for entering and when they close at our absolute discretion.

Pool Sizes

We will not limit the size of a pool, however, we reserve the right to place a cap on the maximum potential wager on an event

Striking a Bet

The only way to enter a Pool is online through a User Account. We do not accept cash or telephone bets.

You will be able to enter a wager into our interface for you to review before you submit the wager. As soon as we have received this confirmation, your bet is deemed to have been made and the stake(s) will (subject to having sufficient funds in your User Account) be debited from your account and added to the Pot for the relevant Market.

Once you have submitted a wager, the bet has been struck and you may not cancel the bet or exit the Pool, other than in the circumstances set out in Cancelled Events/Voiding Pools. It is your responsibility to ensure the details of your bets are correct before you confirm your entry into a pool.

If a User’s wager arrives at our server after the Market is closed, for whatever reason -- for example a slow internet connection from the user, that wager will be invalid and will not be counted towards the Pot, and the stake will not be debited from the User’s Account.

Bitfight reserves the right to decline any bet without explanation.

Remote Gambling Terms

You are gambling via an electronic form of communication and consequently you should be aware that:

  1. You may be using a connection or equipment which is slower than such equipment used by others and this may affect your performance in time critical products (e.g. in-play betting); and
  2. Where problems occur in the software or hardware used by us to provide the services we will take all reasonable steps to remedy the problem as soon as reasonably practicable. Where such problems cause a game to be interrupted in circumstances where it cannot be restarted from exactly the same position without any detriment to you or other players, we will take all reasonable steps to treat you in a fair manner (which may include reinstating the balance on your account to the position existing following completion of the last bet or game logged on our server immediately prior to the occurrence of the problem).
  3. You may be gambling against a software programme, sometimes referred to as a bot, that has been created by other users. Third party software will only be permitted if it is being used through our API. WARNING: If you use a programme to gamble on your behalf, other customers may be able to exploit it.

For the purposes of In-Play betting, customers should be aware that transmissions described as live may actually be delayed. The extent of any delay may vary between customers, depending on their connection or equipment.

If you are betting on an In-Play event, you may not at any relevant time be able to see or otherwise be provided with the most up-to-date information in relation to the relevant event. We shall not be liable to you in respect of any losses suffered or costs incurred by you as a result of any delay in the transmission of information relating to any In-Play event.

The following details how we will handle interruptions to certain events on the Website:

  • Betting - All bets will be retried, as long as it is within a reasonable timeframe and no users are at a disadvantage. If this is impossible all bets for the relevant questions will be void and monies will be returned to your Bitfight User Account.
  • Deposit - The transaction will be cancelled and no money will be taken out of your personal account.
  • Withdrawal - The transaction will be cancelled and no money will be taken out of your Bitfight User Account.

This will always be done at the discretion of Bitfight, whose decisions will be based on ensuring that no customer is at a disadvantage. Bitfight will always aim to keep you informed of any major disruptions with our services.

Settlement and Payout Structure

Markets will be settled as soon as reasonably practicable following the event occurring (or such other time as is defined in the Rules).

We rely on data collected by ourselves as well as other third party data providers, to be used as the source data to determine results. If we do not have the relevant data to settle a pool, We reserve the right to settle the pool based on alternative publicly available information sources as We may, at its discretion, determine. If no alternative public information is available the relevant pool or question may be void.

If there is an investigation or dispute, data on the event, evidence that supports alternative public information and/or our transaction log will be provided as supporting evidence.

When a Market is settled the Net Pot is (the total entry fees into the Pool minus the Commission) paid out to the Users who have placed wagers on the winning options.

The Payout for a Pool for an individual user is proportionate the the amount they wagered on the winning option. The Net Pot is distributed to all users who wagered on the winning outcome based on what percentage the user contributed to that option. This is shown in the following formula -- [Payout] = x * (y / z) -- where x is the Net Pot, y is the total amount the user wagered on the correct option, and z is the total amount all users wagered on the correct option. The winnings will be added to the User’s balance immediately after the Pool has settled. Winnings will be rounded down to the nearest penny.

Cancelled Events/Voided Markets

The cancellation (or postponement to an unspecified date) of an event on which pools have been run will lead to automatic voiding of all the relevant pools (pools related solely to that event; further details are provided in the Rules) and wagers for will be refunded in full. No Commission will be charged on void pools.

If Bitfight is unable to satisfactorily validate the outcome of an Event (for example due to loss of data feeds or live pictures), Markets based on that event will be voided and stakes will be refunded in full. Bitfight will make every effort to ensure that there will be information available to settle all outcomes but if We are unable, for whatever reason, to satisfactorily validate the outcome of a scoring element within a Market, we will have to void that market.

We also reserve the right to void a Market (or Markets) if we suspect that any of the following has occurred:

  • the integrity of an event a Market is based on has been called into question
  • match-rigging has taken place affecting the outcome of an Event.

If any Market is voided as a result of the above reasons, all stakes will be refunded in full. However, should we notice suspicious betting from our Users we will investigate and potentially escalate the issue.

Bitfight understands that eSports wagering is in its early stages of growth and we will work with all cooperative parties to develop the eSports ecosystem, We will also work with authorities and the Gambling Commission to ensure that Events are fair and to uphold the utmost integrity in sport. In the event of any suspicion of match-fixing or results-rigging of any kind on any Event, we reserve the right to provide relevant data to any sporting body, event organiser or authorities and/or the Gambling Commission.


Although We will make every effort to ensure complete accuracy of results, calculation and payouts of winnings, we will not be held responsible for errors in the information on the Website which we do not directly control including, without limitation, results or event Start Times of events.

If a result used to settle an event is changed after the settlement of a Market for any reason (other than an error by us) such as disqualifications or the suspicion of criminal or fraudulent activity, the results of the pool will stand.

If a payout has been awarded to a User in error, We reserve the right to make an appropriate adjustment to that User’s account balance to correct such error(s). If a User has insufficient funds to make this adjustment, the User agrees to make the necessary funds available to correct the error as soon as is practically possible.

Financial transactions


We support the following methods of depositing into a User Account with a minimum deposit of USD $15.00:

  • credit cards;
  • debit cards;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • PayPal

There are currently no charges associated with any payment method, these may change at a later date. We will not be responsible for additional charges which may be made by your credit card or bank when you make a deposit so please raise any concerns directly with the relevant institution.

If a User wishes to deposit funds using a credit or debit card, the Cardholder's name and address must be the same as the name and address registered with the User Account.

Users are encouraged to set a deposit limit on deposit. If you wish to change your deposit limit you can do so via the settings page or by contacting us: Any change in these limits will require at least twenty-four (24) hours notice and may require further verification.

We do not store your payment details on our Website. All payment details are stored and processed on secure SSL servers by our Payment Service Provider who holds a valid PCI-DSS certificate.


User’s can withdraw from their Account using any of the following methods:

  • credit cards;
  • debit cards;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • PayPal

Users can’t withdraw less than USD $15.00 you will only be able to withdraw a maximum of once every 24 hours.

No withdrawals from a User Account will be allowed until a User’s age and identity have been appropriately verified. For some methods of withdrawing cash (or for large withdrawals) this verification may require the validation of physical documents such as passport, driving licence, utility bill or bank statement.

Withdrawals will take up to five (5) working days to process. We reserve the right to hold withdrawals for additional approval should we believe behaviour to be suspicious at our discretion.

Each User is allowed to make one (1) free withdrawal during every rolling thirty (30)-day period without incurring a withdrawal fee. Each subsequent withdrawal will incur a service fee of USD $5.00. A further 20% administration fee will be charged for any withdrawal of an amount that has not been wagered.

When Users have deposited funds in their Bitfight account using debit or credit cards, withdrawals up to the amount of the deposits made with that card must be made to these cards before another method can be used.

Bitfight is not responsible for any charges made by a user's credit or debit card company or bank when they make a withdrawal from their account. If any such charges are applied, please discuss them directly with the relevant financial institution.

User Funds Account

We have established a bank account with BBVA Compass Bancshares, Inc. to segregate all Users’ Funds deposited and held in accounts separate from business accounts. Monies deposited by you to your Account will be held in this User Funds Account.

Your Funds level of protection meets the British Gambling Commission’s category of BASIC. Please see the following link for more information - customer funds rating system. BASIC protection means “monies in the User Funds Account will be seen as part of the business if the business goes bust."


All financial transactions (including Deposits, Withdrawals, Wagers and Payouts) conducted through Bitfight will be in U.S. Dollars (USD $) only.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

As required by UK Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, We reserve the right to raise queries regarding any aspect of your financial transactions on the Website including (but not limited to) the source of funds deposited in your User Account and the destination account of withdrawals. Your account may be suspended or closed if you fail to provide adequate evidence of the source of funds you have deposited with Us if asked.


Each Pool (unless otherwise stated) will charge a Commission. The Commission for each Pool will be clearly stated in the Betting Area. The Commission will range anywhere between 0% and 30%. No Commission will be charged on void Pools.

Should the Payout of the pool be lower than the amount wagered, Users with winning tickets will be returned their original wager.


Notices and announcements from Bitfight to Users

There are several methods of communication on the Website and We make every effort to allow Users to keep such communication to a bare minimum if they so choose. The types of communication a User may receive from Us include:

You agree to receiving all information from us electronically, by email, using the email address that is registered to your User Account. It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up-to-date on your User Account. If those details are incorrect or not up-to-date you may not receive important information relating to your User Account, the Services or changes to these Terms and Conditions. Any notice given by you to us, or by us to you, will be deemed received and properly served immediately when posted on our Website or 24 hours after an email is sent. In proving the service of any notice, it will be sufficient to provide evidence, in the case of an email, that such email was sent to the specified email address of the addressee. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to the service of any proceedings or other documents in any legal action.

If we need to notify you directly under these Terms and Conditions, we will do so by email to the email address registered to your User Account.

Limitation of liability

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits or excludes our liability for:

(a) death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

(b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; and/or

(c) any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law.

If we fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions, we will accept responsibility for loss or damage you may suffer that is a foreseeable result of such a breach or our negligence. But under no circumstance (save as set out above) will we accept responsibility for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable (including indirect, special or consequential loss).

Our total liability to you in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, your User Account and your use of the Website, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall in no circumstances exceed the amount held in your User Account at the time of such breach.

We will not accept any liability for the failure of any equipment or software howsoever caused that may prevent the operation of the Website, or our Services or may impede the placing of offers for bets on the Website or prevent you from being able to contact us.

Except as expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted by law, we do not give any representation, warranties or undertakings in relation to your use of the Website. Any representation, condition or warranty which might be implied or incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by statute, common law or otherwise is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Suspension of the Service

Our Services may occasionally be suspended for one of a number of reasons including (but not limited to):

  • because we are carrying out essential maintenance. We will try and give you warning when this is going to happen and we will try and restrict it to times when there are low activity levels on the Website.
  • because of circumstances beyond our control. If this is the case we will do our best to inform you of the nature and likely length of the loss of the Services.
  • because we have been required to suspend the Services by a regulator or other relevant authority.

We will not accept responsibility for losses Users may incur as a result of suspension of the Services.

This will always be done at the discretion of Bitfight whose decisions will be based on ensuring that no customer is at a disadvantage. Bitfight will always aim to keep you informed of any major disruptions with our services.

Complaints and Disputes

We will try to deal with all Users fairly at all times but if you have a complaint please contact us:, or alternatively you can contact us directly on our website on our support section and we will try and address your issue(s) quickly and fairly.

In emails to us please include your username and full name, and ensure that the email address you use is the one that you have registered on your User Account. Please also include a clear explanation of your complaint. The Bitfight team will investigate your complaint and respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you are not satisfied with our response, please contact us and we will refer you: for betting transactions (a pool), to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS:, a third party organisation offering independent adjudication in relation to betting and gaming disputes. You should contact IBAS directly to request an IBAS adjudication form which can be submitted via email:

You may also raise a dispute through the EU's Online Dispute Resolution platform available here, instead of approaching IBAS directly.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights on the Website including, without limitation, all copyright and related rights, design rights and all trademark rights (whether registered or unregistered) in and to the website, software, images and text and the domain name, (altogether the "IP Rights") will, at all times, belong to Us.

Under the terms of the licence granted under these Terms and Conditions, Users are permitted to use the website only as expressly authorised by Us. You agree not to copy, redistribute, publish, reproduce, transmit, display, commercially exploit, tamper with or create derivative works of any of the IP Rights in whole or in part and you agree not to interfere with, modify or reverse engineer any software provided on the Website.

You acknowledge and agree that the material and content contained within the Website and provided as part of the Services are made available for your personal non-commercial use only. Any other use of such material and content is prohibited.

General Terms

Amendments to these Terms & Conditions

Bitfight reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions to reflect changes to the Website and/or the Services, including the addition of products or services offered by us or a third party. We will announce and publish any changes on the Website and we will give you advance notice (by, at our sole discretion, emailing you and/or providing a notification on the Website and/or publishing a notice and the revised terms and conditions on the Website). Your continued use of the Website and the Services following such notification or such advance notice will be deemed binding acceptance of the modification(s). If a change is unacceptable to you, you should not continue to use the Website and/or the Services. It is your sole responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions (including the Rules) and any amendments to them each time you use the Website and/or the Services.

Applicable Law

The Terms & Conditions are subject to and governed by the laws of England and Wales and Bitfight accepts no liability under the law in any jurisdiction other than England and Wales. All bets made on the Website, together with the Terms and Conditions and the Rules and our Policies are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle disputes arising out of or in relation to them.

The Website, the Services, the Terms and Conditions, our Policies and the Rules are available only in English.

In the event of a conflict with any other Policy

In the case of inconsistencies or contradictions, these Terms and Conditions will take precedence over any other Policies, Rules or other document which may be available on the Website or elsewhere.


If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is deemed by any competent authority to be unenforceable or invalid, the relevant provision will be modified to allow it to be enforced in line with the intention of the original text to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. The validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms & Conditions shall not be affected.

No Waiver or Delay

No failure or delay by a party to exercise any of its rights under these Terms & Conditions shall operate as a waiver thereof and no single or partial exercise of any such right shall prevent any other or further exercise of that or any other right.


You may not assign these Terms and Conditions to any third party. We may assign, transfer or novate any or all of its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to any third party at any time without notice to you.

Our rights

Notwithstanding any other terms set out in these Terms and Conditions, in providing the Services we will be entitled to take any action as we consider necessary in our absolute discretion to ensure compliance with all applicable legislation.

Registered Office

The registered office of Bitfight, Inc. is: 1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-B, Wilmington, DE, 19805, U.S.A.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

This is the data protection policy ("Privacy Policy") of Bitfight, Inc., with its registered office at 1013 Centre Road, Wilmington, DE 19805, USA.

In this Privacy Policy, the terms listed below are classified as follows:

    1. “Bitfight”, "We", "Us" and "Our" means Bitfight, Inc.
    2. "You" and "Your" means you, the customer using the Site, Third Party Platform or the Services.
    3. "Service" refers to the gameplay and wagering activity that takes place via the Bitfight website.
    4. "Information" means and applies only to information collected by us through your registration.
    5. "Site" means the Bitfight website at

Application of Bifight’s Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy (in addition to our Terms and Conditions) explains how Bitfight processes any personal data We collect from You, or that You provide to Us. Please read the following carefully to understand Our views and practices regarding Your personal data and how We will treat it.
  2. Bitfight is committed to ensuring Your privacy and personal data is protected. Any Information We collect upon Your registration will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  3. Please note, We are not responsible for the privacy of any information You reveal or post in any public forum such as the in-App chat feature.
  4. By visiting, You are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.
  5. We will periodically review this Privacy Policy and reserve the right to revise and update this Privacy Policy at any time. Any material changes will be notified to you via pop up box on Our Site and you will be required to consent to such change. Please review this Privacy Policy periodically and print a copy off for Your Records.

Personal Information we may collect from You

Information You may provide about yourself

  1. You may provide Us with Your personal data by filling in forms on Our Site, or by corresponding with Us by email or otherwise. This includes the personal data You provide upon registration to use Our Site and when You communicate with Our customer care team. The information You provide may include Your:
    1. Name;
    2. Address;
    3. Email address;
    4. Telephone number;
    5. Credit/Debit card number and expiry date; and
    6. Bank account details.
  2. You may browse certain pages of Our Site without registering with Us. If you do so, We will not collect Your Personal Information but may use Your Non-Personal information as set out below.

Information We collect about You

  1. Upon each of Your visits to Our Site, We may automatically collect the following information:
  2. Technical information, including but not limited to the Intercom protocol (IP) address used to connect Your computer to the Intercom, Your login information, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform;
  3. Information about Your visit, including but not limited to the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) clickstream to, through and from Our Site (including date and time) and page response times.

Information We receive from other sources

  1. Upon Your consent through accepting Bitfight's Terms and Conditions, We may obtain Your personal data from third parties, including but not limited to; financial institutions, identification verification agencies, credit providers and credit reference agencies for the purposes of maintaining Your account with Us, identification verification, conducting credit or other financial checks.

Cookies - collection of non-personal information

  1. Cookies are small data files stored on a User's browser or computer hard drive, provided the User consents. We use the following types of cookies to help Us better understand Our users and improve Our Service:
    1. Strictly Necessary Cookies
      1. These are required for the operation of Our Site. For instance, they include cookies that enable You to log into secure areas of Our website and make use of e-billing services.
    2. Analytical/ Performance Cookies
      1. These allow Us to recognise and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around and use Our website. This enables Us to improve Our Service, for example, by ensuring Users are able to find what they are looking for easily.
    3. Functionality Cookies
      1. These are used to recognise You when You return to Our Site. They also enable Us to personalise and tailor Our content to Your noted preferences (eg choice of language or region)
    4. Targeting Cookies
      1. These record Your visit to Our Site, the pages You have visited and the links You have followed. This enables Us to make Our Site and the advertising displayed more relevant to Your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose.
  2. You may block cookies by activating the setting on Your browser that allows You to refuse the setting of all or some cookies. However, if Your browser settings block all cookies (including essential cookies), You may not be able to access all or parts of Our Site.
  3. Should you decide to clear cookies, some parts of the site may not work and will require you to re-enter certain information
  4. Upon visiting the website You will be presented with a dialog informing you of our use of cookies, a link to this Privacy Policy, and a button to accept the terms. By clicking on this button You have agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  5. In addition to cookies, We will also use tracking tools such as; action tags, web bugs, .gif tags, and Javascript and other. Our use of these technologies enhances User experience by enabling Us to develop a profile about Your preferences on the Site and show You information that You have indicated You are interested in.
  6. When You use or connect to the Service through a third party platform, such as Facebook or another social comworking site, You allow Us to access and/or collect certain information from Your third party platform profile/account (such as Your Facebook account) or via any cookies placed on Your device by such third party platform. We will also share such information with the third party platform for their use.

Use of information collected

  1. We and third parties acting on Our behalf, may use Your personal data in the following ways:

Information You give to Us

  1. To carry out Our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between You and Us.
  2. For Our own business purposes regarding the running of the Service, including but not limited to; feedback purposes, marketing and promotion, statistical analysis of user behaviour, product development and content provision.
  3. To inform affiliated companies and any authorised agents and subcontractors for the purposes of carrying out the foregoing activities and to selected agencies for research and analysis purposes.
  4. To conduct credit searches on You, verify Your bank details and ensure Your credit, debit or charge card is not not being used without Your consent by verifying personal information obtained during the deposit process against appropriate third party databases.
  5. To notify You about changes to Our Service, including this Privacy Policy and/or other policies or agreements relating to Your use of the Service.
  6. To comply with licensing and regulatory requirements that are applicable to Us.

Information We collect about You

  1. We may combine this information with information You give Us and information We collect about You. We may use this and the combined information for the purposes set out above (depending on the types of information We receive).

Customer Relationship Management and marketing materials

  1. We reserve the right to process Your personal data for Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") and marketing purposes. We, or Our selected partners, may wish to provide You with information about special features or offers that may be of interest to You. If You do not wish to receive such information, please contact Our customer care team at, who will exclude Your account from all such future communications.
  2. We provide a chat facility as part of Our service and may from time to time use chat logs and uploaded videos in promotional activity, including, but not limited to our Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Twitter.
  3. For feedback purposes regarding Bitfight’s Services, We may also wish to contact You by post, email, or telephone. If You do not wish to be contacted by any, or all of these methods, please contact Our customer care team at, who will exclude Your account from all such future communications.

Accuracy of Personal Data

  1. It is Your responsibility to notify Us of any changes to Your personal data, by sending an email to Our customer care team at
  2. If You believe any of Your personal data is incorrect or inaccurate, You may request changes by emailing Our customer care team at In this event, We may require You to provide Us with further personal data for identity verification purposes.

Disclosure of Your Information

  1. We may disclose Your information to a third party:
  2. If required to do so by law. This may involve Us disclosing Your personal data to third parties for the following purposes:,
    1. Identifying You;
    2. Prevention of money laundering;
    3. Fraud prevention;
    4. Prevention of terrorist financing;
  3. By accepting Bitfight’s Terms and Conditions, You consent to such checks being made.
    1. For the purposes of settling or making payment in connection with any prize;
    2. Including any payment management company engaged by Us to handle payment and collection processes to and from Our players;
    3. Including third parties who provide services to Us (including software) or on Our behalf;
    4. For the purpose of disaster recovery;
    5. If We believe in good faith that such action is necessary to:
    6. Comply with any law or legal process served on Us;
    7. Protect and defend Our rights or property; or
    8. Act to protect the personal safety of users of the Site, the Services, or the public.
    9. Including any regulatory or licensing body or authority (including but not limited to the UK Gambling Commission).
  4. In the event that We sell or buy any business or assets, in which case, We may disclose Your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets.
  5. If Bitfight, or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, in which case personal data held by it about its customers will be one of the transferred assets.
  6. With Your consent.

Data Storage and Security

  1. The personal data We collect from You may be transferred to, and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area ("the EEA").
  2. It may also be processed by staff operating outside the EEA, who work for Us or one of Our partners. Such staff may be engaged in, amongst other things, the processing of Your payment details and the provision of support services. By submitting Your personal data to Us, You agree to this secure transfer, storing or processing.
  3. Bitfight will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that Your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  4. The personal data You provide Us with will be stored on Our secure servers, where firewalls are used to block unauthorised traffic to the servers.
  5. Any payment transactions will be encrypted. Where We have given You (or where You have chosen) a password which enables You to access certain parts of Our Site, You are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask You not to share Your password(s) with anyone.
  6. Please note that whilst We have made every effort to create a secure and reliable site for users, the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted to or from Our site or app cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Please also note that the transmission of information via the intercom is not completely secure. Although We endeavour to do Our best to protect Your personal data, We cannot guarantee the security of Your data transmitted to Our Site; any transmission is at Your own risk. Once We have received Your information, We will use strict procedures and security features to try and prevent any unauthorised access. By browsing the Site and communicating electronically with Us, You acknowledge and consent to Us processing Your personal data in this way.

Your Rights

  1. You have the right to ask Us not to process Your personal data for marketing purposes. We will usually inform You (before collecting Your data) if We intend to use Your data for such purposes or if We intend to disclose Your information to any third party for such purposes. You can exercise Your right to prevent such processing by contacting Us at
  2. Our site, may from time to time, contain links to and from the websites of Our partners, advertisers and affiliates. If You follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that We do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before You submit any personal data to these websites.

Access to Information

  1. The Data Protection Act 1998 ("the Act") gives You the right to access information held about You. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with the Act. Any access request may be subject to a fee of $20 to meet Our costs in providing You with details of the information We hold about You.

Contacting Bitfight

  1. Questions, comments and requests regarding the Service and this Privacy Policy are welcomed and should be addressed to


  1. This Privacy Policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England & Wales whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this Privacy Policy.

Bitfight N.V. is registered in Curacao under registration number 148981 and it is officially licensed as a gaming provider by the Government of Curacao (licence number: N.V. #365 / JAZ, sub-licence: GLH-OCCHKTW0703102019). Billing and other services are provided by Bfight Ltd. an England & Wales company with registration number 11521809, located at: 19-21 Crawford St, London, W1H 1PJ, England. Bitfight, Inc., a Delaware company, provides management services to Bfight Ltd., it’s registered office located at: 1013 Centre Road, Wilmington, DE 19805, USA and it’s primary place of business: 25 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA 94102, USA.